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About Me ~ Medini Pradhan

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Well, Namaste! looks like you followed me here from Twitter Welcome ! If you are following me...I am truly grateful....Hope I bring something interesting to the table.....

Ok so you want to know a little more bit about me....You already know that I am a Passionate Food Enthusiast and Entrepreneur. I  love creativity in all it's forms...I delight in living every moment with a positive attitude. I love people who radiate happiness and who inspire me & love connecting with such people at a real level. 


 In 1999 I founded which is a website on Indian Cuisine & Culture made Easy in the United States, which also specializes in Indian Gift Baskets. Our Indian gift baskets have been received by many around the country and were sent to the big shots of "Fox Searchlight Pictures" for their sweeping Oscar win of the movie Slumdog Millionaire.wpe62030.gif (692059 bytes)

Our Indian Spice Boxes ~ Masala Dabbas are so well loved that we can't keep enough on our shelves. If you are just learning to cook Indian this gorgeous spice box is a must in your kitchen. It comes with the basic Indian spices you need to cook Indian food. 


Contemporary Indian Masala Dabba with Spices $65

More Indian Spice Boxes and Spice Sets 

I also own Elegantly Expressed Gift Baskets a successful gift basket company I found in 2000. The website was featured in USA Today for our Low Carb Gift Baskets Here is the link "Candy sellers box up low-carb chocolates" Look at the very bottom...



Culinary influences in my life...

Cooking falls on the creativity side and I love it passionately. I  have always loved to cook and create. Looks like you do too!  I grew up in  Mumbai, India and as a child I used to dabble in the kitchen. At 10 yrs I surprised my mom one day by making my very first Indian meal ...she  was so super proud of me.......

My mom came from a huge family of 6 sisters and 3 brothers. My grandfather Jaywant Rao Ambegaokar was an officer in the court of the Maharaja of Baroda and my grandmother Snehalata, was a "Julia Child" in her own way. She was well known for her unforgettable dinner parties in Baroda, Gujarat. Therefore my mother, Devayani Kulkarni grew up to be as passionate about food as I am today. She is an awesome cook! 

She is a socialite in Mumbai and participates in and has headed  many local organizations like the Lioness Club of Khar, Khar Mahila Samaj, All India Women's Conference & more - organizations that raise money to help fund worthy projects for the poor in and around Mumbai. 

Academically speaking, I went to school to learn Food & Nutrition and graduated with honors from SNDT University with a Bachelors in Home Science. From there I pursued my culinary / dietetic studies at one of the most prestigious colleges in Mumbai – IHMCTAN – Institute Of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition to graduate with a Post Diploma in Dietetics. I interned at the famous Tata Memorial Cancer Research Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital. I then worked as a Dietitian in Talwalkar Gyms.  

One of my early food influences was my aunt, Mrs. Kamal Kulkarni who was a chef by profession and taught elaborate cooking classes in Vile Parle – a suburb of Mumbai. I was one of her greatest fans and helped her a lot. She has 2 Marathi cookbooks out. 

Ok here comes another big influence....twas a marriage of husband, Ranjit,  like me (I discovered) was a foodie and loved to eat. As a new bride I was out to impress him. He loved all the dinners I would whip up, but also never failed to positively criticize my failures... he he :) and that helped me a lot....He is my biggest support and I love him !!!!

He too loves to hang out in the kitchen and cook "with me" and many times "for me" ....he has his own creations to boot!  

My mother-in-law, Rohini Pradhan taught me a lot of typical Maharashtrian dishes. She too is a great cook and has a very scientific method of cooking. She is a lovely lady....(ok earned some brownie points there) but really....she is wonderful....

Teaching Indian Cuisine & Culture.....

After we had kids – Nikita & Priyanka – I realized that I had to make an extra effort to re-learn our Indian culture to teach it to my kids. Realizing that my kids are not going to remember all that I have taught.....isn't that the truth :)....I decided to pen my thoughts.....and that is when was born.  I have since then taught many mini courses on Indian Cuisine & Culture in the schools that Nikita & Priyanka have attended. 

I have also given lectures in high schools to their World Religion classes sharing a practical bit of every aspect of India. I try and share my cuisine and culture in a relevant way for the kids of today.....I hope......

I have had many opportunities to teach cooking classes here in the US and I truly enjoy it. I started that journey in 1992 in Colorado at The Cupboard” a high end culinary store in Fort Collins. Their classes were well known and very well attended. I taught everything from Indian BBQ to Indian Vegetarian classes. I continued to teach Indian cooking classes in Wisconsin and now teach private cooking classes here in IL and I love it!! Here is an article that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did about Indian cooking and me... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

I am working on my first book about Satya Narayan Puja. I have planned to document as much for my daughters that I know about Indian Cuisine & Culture so that they have a handy reference for when they grow up. 

Ok back to Twitter.....

I love tweeting when I have the time. I am "not a food blogger" but I like to talk food and engage and learn from the many talented food bloggers out there....I try not to twitter when I am hungry :) as I am constantly tempted to go back to my kitchen....I also love the funny people on twitter...and the ones who inspire and remind us to breathe....whoa...I forget to do that sometimes......

Well.....whew......that's quite a bit about me...if you are reading this...thanks for sticking around....Please feel free to connect with me professionally on 

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Have a fab day!!! 





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