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you to introduce and pass on  Indian Cuisine and Culture to your young ones. This becomes very important especially when you are far away from home and are not surrounded with the everyday cuisine, culture and traditions. We know that being away from India, it takes tremendous effort on your part to remember, follow and keep our wonderful traditions alive. 

We hope to close this gap by helping you keep in touch. It is our goal to bring this 5000 year old culture to the young people of today in a format that is easy to follow and relevant to

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About Us

Welcome To your premier online resource for Indian Cuisine and Culture Made Easy in the United States

is a fun site for anyone interested in learning how to get started with Indian Cuisine and would like to learn more about the Indian Culture. 

We hope that this website will be an easy way for  today's ideas and lifestyles.   

Web www.CuisineCuisine.com


Exhaustive in its content CuisineCuisine.com aims to offer something of interest to all ages. Our interactive site promises to keep the audience informed with new information being updated almost everyday.

So come with us and take a glimpse into the Mystical World Of Indian Spices and Recipes and Age Old Exotic Indian Culture and Traditions Made Easy via the many channels set up for your browsing pleasure. The channels are 

  • Indian Cuisine Made EZ

  • Indian Culture Made EZ

  • Indian Resources 

  • Fun Things To Do 


  offers an extensive variety of information from Easy Recipes to Information on India, to the latest Indian Resources on the web. Also Tips on Party Planning, Cooking tips, Managing time while cooking Indian food, Menus and more. 

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Our resident expert "Chef" is "Your Indian Gourmet....Medini" is here to answer your culinary questions. Get to know more about her here. She also hosts the Yahoo-Groups for Indian Cuisine and Culture. 


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About "Your Indian Gourmet...Medini"

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Cooking is my passion. I  have always loved to cook and create. Looks like you do too!  I have always been a foodie. I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai) which has culinary influences from all over India , just like in New York or any other big city in the US . As a child I used to love to dabble in the kitchen, although we had a full time cook.

My mom came from a family of six sisters and three brothers and my grandmother was known for her cooking in Baroda , Gujarat . My mom and her sisters grew up learning, not only the daily cuisine – especially Maharashtrian cuisine, but very lavish Indian dishes. My grandfather Jaywant Rao Ambegaokar was an officer in the court of the Maharaja of Baroda and there were many opportunities for my grandmother to throw lavish parties.

My mother, Devayani Kulkarni, grew up to be as passionate about food as I am today. I remember she used to receive post cards via mail with a new recipe on each, every week – it was a mail recipe club – and she would look forward to them. I still have a few of them. She has taken part in many cooking competitions and has over the years judged a lot too. She is an awesome cook and her hands surely have magic. Even to this day she will ask for the recipes of the dishes she enjoys eating. Yes, I do the same! The apple does not fall far from the tree :)

I was 10 years old when I remember making a full Indian meal for my family. On the weekends I would cook up a big brunch for my younger brothers – Bharat and Amar. eggs, Chinese stir fry, sometimes pizza from scratch etc. My brothers were great as, they encouraged me to come up with new dishes all the time.

It was then that I realized that I love the spices, the heat in the kitchen and the excitement of creating a “Culinary Feast”, not only for the palate but for the eyes as well. My mom taught me the importance of a great presentation.

I went to school to learn Food & Nutrition and graduated with honors from SNDT University as Bachelors in Home Science. From there I pursued my culinary / dietetic studies at one of the most prestigious colleges in Mumbai – IHMCTAN – Institute Of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition to graduate with a Post Diploma in Dietetics. I interned at the famous Tata Memorial Hospital and then worked as a Dietitian in Talwalkar Gyms.

Not only did I learn about food scientifically but also had the fabulous culinary influence from my mom, grandmother and very talented aunts. In fact one of my aunt’s, Mrs. Kamal Kulkarni was a chef by profession and taught cooking classes in Vile Parle – a suburb of Mumbai. I was one of her greatest fans. I guess my passion grew and today I love to create, cook and indulge in culinary destinations, be it at someone’s home or at a new undiscovered restaurant.

Many people have been curious about CuisineCuisine.com and how it has come about. Well, I came here it the US in 1987, just married. My husband, Ranjit,  like me (I discovered) was a foodie and loved to eat. As a new bride I was out to impress my husband. He loved all the dinners I would whip up, but he was my one and only critic. He has a very distinct palate and would have me perfect my creations in a very suave way. I have learnt to expand my culinary skills, above and beyond my world. 

My mother-in-law, Rohini Pradhan taught me the very typical Maharashtrian cuisine, which was different from my mom’s and I have learnt a lot from her over the years. She has a very scientific method of cooking, which is unique in itself.

I had many opportunities to teach cooking classes here in the US and I started that journey in Colorado at The Cupboard” a high end culinary store in Fort Collins . Their classes were well know and very well attended. I had a lot of fun as I taught many Indian cooking classes there. It was fun to share the Indian Cuisine as well as my Indian Culture, customs as well as a few traditions with everyone here in the US . They were more than willing to learn and taste the Indian dishes I created.

After we had kids – Nikita & Priyanka – I realized that because there was not a huge Indian community in the cities we lived, I had to make an extra effort to re-learn our Indian culture and teach it to my kids. Also, since there were fewer specialty Indian stores in most cities, towns in the US it was difficult to get the special spices and groceries that were needed to create some of the Indian delicacies I wanted.

Realizing the need for a place for my kids to learn Indian Cuisine & Culture I decided to pen my thoughts and started writing my cookbooks and other cultural articles. Then early in the 90’s with the start of the World Wide Web, it was easy to share my world with the universe. That is when CuisineCuisine.com was born. I in fact took web development classes and designed and published the website. 

With that followed the birth of the Yahoo Group – Indian Cuisine & Culture. We have over a 1000 members and is growing everyday. I love to post about upcoming festivals, new and old recipes and tell the group about the happenings in India . It’s a fun vibrant group. 

Well, we have created this website to share with you simplified versions of some of the traditional favorite recipes and also some of my family's favorite recipes. 

Thanks for visiting our website and Do drop by again. Enjoy your visit! 

Here is an article done by Wisconsin's biggest newspaper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Your Indian Gourmet......Medini 


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