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Hanuman Jayanti

On this full moon day or "poornima" in the Hindu month of Chaitra, we celebrate Shri Hanuman's birthday especially in temples consecrated specially to Hanuman. Hanuman is also known as Maruti, Bajaranga Bali, Pavana Putra, Mahvira and Anjaneya is the son of the god of wind, Vayu and Anjani Devi

Hanuman is worshipped for his strength, valor, agility  and as a deity with magical powers as he had the power to assume any form he liked and the ability to conquer evil spirits. Hanuman is believed to be an "avtaar" of Shiva.  Saturday is the day of Hanuman, and some people fast on Saturdays in honor of Hanuman. He was also a "Brahmachari" or celibate. He was humble, brave, selfless and wise and possessed the qualities of a great devotee.

Hanuman was an ardent devotee of Shri Ram. Every temple of Lord Rama has the "murti" or idol of Shri Hanuman. 

In the Ramayana, India’s second epic written by Valmiki in the 3rd century BC.

  • Hanuman is the Commander in Chief, of the army of King Sugriva (a Monkey King). Hanuman uses his ape like agility to fly over Lanka to find Sita and help Rama win the war against Ravana.
  • During this same war, Ram's brother Lakshman gets wounded. To save his life, 4 special herbs from the Himalayas are needed. Hanuman offers to help. Unable to identify the Sanjeevani, a special medicinal herb, Hanuman flies back from the Himalayas and carving out and bringing back the entire mountain on the palm of his hand thereby saving Lakshman's life.

Celebrations are held in many Hanuman temples all over India and the special verses from the "Hanuman Chalisa" are recited by many for many to hear. Known for his strength and his agility this festival becomes very important to wrestlers and bodybuilders. Many wrestling  games are held on this day. Devotees of Hanuman offer flowers and fruits to him. They fast all day. Entertainment programes are organized on this occasion, the "Nautanki" in Uttar Pradesh and the "Jatra" in Bihar being the most popular. These dramas represent different aspects of the life of Hanuman, especially emphasizing his devotional nature and his bravery. Many people congregate to watch these programes.

For devotional songs and to read and hear the "Hanuman Chalisa" go to www.Hanuman.com




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