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Party Planning

Planning a Party, Well you have come to the right place. Here we will highlight "Planning a Party" Also Check Out  Indian Party Menus & Themes and Indian Party Games 

Well, it is a great feeling to entertain. Indians are known to be great hosts, well there is a reason for it. It is said that any guest that visits your home is a form of "god" and therefore should be treated with respect, care and love. "Atithi Devo Bhava" means "All guests are a form of god".  A good host is after all who makes the guest feel welcome and wanted. 

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Lets Start Planning a Party

A great party runs smoothly and the guests feel welcome, entertained and relaxed. But throwing a great party takes planning...........No matter what party you are hosting, hosting a party requires careful planning. Be flexible as you plan; don't be afraid of last-minute adjustments. 

Print this page to keep track of  your next party.

 Check off the items as you do them. 

   Plan Ahead :  Plan the party theme, menu and guest list at least a month ahead. ( If you have the luxury of time! If it is a rushed event, do the best you can) Mail invitations at least three weeks before the party. RSVP's are a must. A map to the location or directions to your home can be included for the convenience of your guests.   Top

Email invitations are a new way of announcing your party. These have become very popular for announcing informal parties like BBQ's, Luncheons or Informal dinner parties. Top

Phone A personal phone invite is always the way to go along with your E-vite. Call special friends to invite them. Make your  party sound FUN.   Top

   Space : Make sure that guests have enough room to circulate and enjoy themselves. Rearrange furniture, move coffee tables and other art objects, this will make room for free and easy movement of your guests. Set the furniture in such a way so as to promote conversation. Make sure the thermostat is set to accommodate a room full of warm bodies.  Top

   Decorations: Decorate the party room with the party theme decorations or make extra special efforts to clean the house for the day of the party so that your house "sparkles". That will definitely give your guests a warm "Special" feeling. Special scents can really enhance any room, use a light potpourri or air freshener.   Top

A bouquet of fresh flowers are a perfect yet simple addition to the dinner table.     Top

   Creating a Memory : Keep the camera loaded and ready with fresh batteries. Charge the camcorder battery ahead of time and assign someone to take pictures, in turns , so that they too appear in some of the pictures.  Make sure that the person can handle the camera / video camera.  Top

   Eating Arrangements : For buffet dinners,  aid traffic flow with additional space all around the buffet table. For dinner parties, try to seat people with common interests together. For Kids sometimes it is best to serve ready made plates in small servings.    Top

Serving Dinner : Serve dinner in a timely fashion. Too early....your guests will wonder whether you want them to leave. Too late....you will have tired guests and appetites of your guests will have gone, therefore they will be unable to enjoy the food you have taken so much time to cook. Decide the appropriate time and stick with the schedule.     Top 

   Coats and Presents : Have a designated area ready for guests' purses, coats and gifts.  Top

     Music : Pick your music CD's ahead of time and arrange them in order. Or record theme music on cassettes or CDs to last the entire party. This will keep the party moving along and help avoid those "silent" pauses in your party.   Top

   Conversation Starter : Keep an old family album on the coffee table. It is a definite conversation starter. Place the newest object d'art very noticeable so that is easy to start a conversation around it. Look up the latest news and the look up the day's  "wacky" news to talk about it. Look up a great joke to shareTop

Cocktails and more : Stock your liquor cabinet. Be ready with a "snazzy cocktail" up your sleeve, whip it up for your guests. Don't forget the kids.  Sometimes Juice boxes work the best.  Go to the Fun Cocktails Page easy for recipes. They will be impressed.  Or make a delightful Punch ahead of time to serve your guests.  Top

Being a Great Host : Having done all the above ! Be ready at least one hour before the party. Have a glass of wine ! Stay calm and composed yet enthusiastic to welcome your guests.  Top

At the Party : Talk to each and every guest invited and make them feel special. Look up names of children and or spouses of the invited guests ahead of time. Your party, is a great time to make arrangements for the next party / get together / occasion with the invited guests. Update phone numbers, emails and family info. Top

    Party Games CLICK HERE FOR PARTY GAMES ! Plan games and activities ahead of time, especially kids parties. Keep games ready, like the eternal favorites : pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, four corners etc. Kids birthday parties can be enhanced by hiring clowns or acts. Top 

Adult Games Adult parties can be planned around a game like "Pool", "Bridge" , "Rummy", "Banco" etc. Costume parties are also fun. Plan a party around a particular "Cuisine" ...for example Indian, Chinese, etc. Have your guests dress up.   Top

   Memory Makers : Keep a Sign-in-Book for your guests. It will be a great keep sake.   Top

   Party Mementoes : Plan a small yet significant party favor for your guests, even if it is an adult party . Keep with the party theme.  Top

Thankyou notes  : Write the Thank you notes before the party, with stamps.  Fill in the details later.  Send thank-you notes immediately after the party. Or Email your thank you's.  Create the BEST last impression.   Top

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