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National Animal 


The Tiger is India's National Animal. It is a royal looking animal known for its magnificence, grace, power and its agility. This large Asiatic carnivorous feline quadruped, Panthera Tigris is maneless, of tawny yellow color with blackish transverse stripes and a white belly .

There are very few tigers left in the world today. World tiger census figures stand at 5000 to 7000, out of which the Indian subspecies including Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar claim 3000 to 4500. The Indian figures hover between 2500 to 3750. (Source : Free Press Journal)

A decade ago the tiger population in India had dwindled to a few hundreds. The Government of India, under its "Project Tiger" program which was launched in April 1973, started a massive effort to preserve the tiger population. Today, thanks to Project Tiger, India's population of tigers is in a comfortable position. The project is now come under scrutiny. Many conservationists are of the opinion that unless the Project Tiger is critically reviewed and analysed at this juncture to make it more 'tiger friendly'. ( Source : Free Press Journal) 

Note : There is a new movement......to change Indian's National Animal to the cow..... follow this article for the whole story......by 
Sharad Gupta from The Indian Express 

  1. Indian Flag   
  2. JANA GANA MANA - Indian National Anthem  
  3. VANDE MATARAM -Indian Ntional Song
  4. LOTUS - Indian National Flower   
  5. TIGER - Indian National Animal   
  6. PEACOCK - Indian National Bird
  7. LION OF SARNATH - IndianNational Emblem   
  8. HINDI - Indian National Language  
  9. RUPEE & PAISE - Indian National Currency



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