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Welcome To your premier online resource for Indian Cuisine and Culture Made Easy . It is a fun site for anyone interested in learning how to get started with Indian Cuisine and would like to learn more about Indian Culture. Whether you're just getting started with Indian cooking or want to learn more about the culture, this site is for you. It's all about making it easy and fun to explore and discover new things. So dive in and enjoy!

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Are you ready to join me on a culinary journey filled with passion, tradition, and a whole lot of delicious food? Because that's exactly what I'm all about!

Cooking has been my passion ever since I was a kid growing up in Bombay (now Mumbai). With influences from all over India, it's no surprise that I fell in love with food at a young age. Even though we had a full-time cook, I couldn't resist the urge to experiment in the kitchen. My love for cooking runs deep in my family, with my grandmother being known for her cooking in Baroda, Gujarat, and my mother being just as passionate about food as I am today.

I went to school to learn Food & Nutrition and graduated with honors from SNDT University as Bachelors in Food & Nutrition. From there I pursued my Masters at one of the most prestigious colleges in Mumbai – IHMCTAN with a degree in Dietetics.

My mom Devyani Kulkarni, came from a family of six sisters and three brothers and my grandmother was known for her cooking in Baroda , Gujarat . My mom and her sisters grew up learning, not only the daily cuisine – especially Maharashtrian cuisine, but very lavish Indian dishes. My grandfather Jaywant Rao Ambegaokar was an officer in the court of the Maharaja of Baroda and there were many opportunities for my grandmother to throw lavish parties.

Growing up, my mother would receive weekly recipe postcards in the mail and she would look forward to them every week. She even took part in cooking competitions and judged many of them. Her cooking skills are truly magic. I followed in her footsteps and pursued my culinary studies at one of the most prestigious colleges in Mumbai. Not only did I learn about food scientifically, but I also had the opportunity to learn from my mother, grandmother, and aunts who were all great cooks.

Fast forward to today, and I've been living in the US since 1987. My husband, Ranjit, is also a foodie and has been my one and only critic, helping me to perfect my creations. I've been fortunate enough to have many opportunities to share my love for cooking and Indian cuisine through teaching cooking classes. I got my start in teaching at "The Cupboard," a high-end culinary store in Fort Collins, Colorado. My classes were incredibly popular and always well-attended. It was a blast to share my knowledge of Indian cuisine and culture with eager students, who were more than willing to learn and try the dishes I created. It was a great experience to share my heritage and culture with people here in the United States, and it was fun to see how everyone was so excited to learn about it.

After we had kids, Nikita and Priyanka, I wanted to share my love for cooking with them as well. I would involve them in the kitchen and teach them how to cook, just like my mother and grandmother did for me. They grew up to be great cooks and it's been a joy to see them carry on the tradition. I started CuisineCuisine.com, to share my passion for cooking and food with my daughters and you all. I want to make it easy for anyone to learn about Indian Cuisine and Culture, and I hope that my website will be a fun and engaging resource for foodies everywhere.

As I continue to share my passion for cooking and food through CuisineCuisine.com, I want to make sure that it's not just about the recipes and the dishes, but also about the culture and the traditions behind them. Indian food is not only delicious, but it also has a rich history and a deep connection to the culture. That's why I will be sharing not only traditional Indian recipes but also stories and facts about Indian culture, customs, and traditions. I want to give you a complete and authentic experience of Indian cuisine and culture.

I will also be sharing cooking tips, kitchen hacks and suggestions for ingredients that you can use to make your cooking experience more fun and easy. I want to make sure that anyone, regardless of their skill level, can make delicious Indian dishes at home.

So, come and join me on this journey as we explore the world of Indian cuisine and culture together. I can't wait to share my passion for food with you and to learn from your own culinary experiences. Let's cook, eat and discover together!

Thanks for visiting our website and Do drop by again. Enjoy your visit!

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